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Hello MeMe Friends!

We're sorry to say this blog post is not going to deliver happy news (cue the "wah-wah" trombone)...

MeMe Cosmetics makes a lot of products. And we make many variations of the "same" products using different scent or color blends. This has made for a laboratory full of hundreds of different raw ingredients, boxes full of different packaging, file cabinets full of thousands of labels, binders and recipe card boxes full of formulas, notes that we've made and accumulated over the years. Whew...getting tired just thinking of how we inventory all of those necessary items! This brings us to the root of this post: our most current list of discontinued items.

DISCONTINUED ITEMS (as of March 1, 2014):

1. Beyond the Sea Therapeutic Body Lotion (8 oz & 16 oz)

2. Coconut Lime Therapeutic Body Lotion (8 oz & 16 oz)

3. Lavender Therapeutic Body Lotion (8 oz & 16 oz)

4. Peppermint + Tea Tree Therapeutic Body Lotion (8 oz & 16 oz)

5. Summer Citrus Therapeutic Body Lotion (8 oz & 16 oz)

PLEASE NOTE....we have a few of the above made & ready to ship on our shelves (our online shop has been updated with our current stock)....but you can only order these items through our website...we will **not** bring these items for sale at the Vancouver Farmer's Market. 

Does this mean all of MeMe's Therapeutic Body Lotions will be discontinued forever and ever and ever? No. This does not. At this point, our raw materials and packaging costs are far too high to make this product line worth our time, energy to make. We are researching new suppliers and hope to resurrect this line later this year.

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