Issaquah Salmon Days

On Friday, October 4th, I will be making my 4th trip to sell at Issaquah Salmon Days. Its the largest outdoor festival in Washington State, two days long, with a vendor total of over 470. That's a big festival. I'll be in my usual spot, that is, the spot I've been given for the past 4 October's #278, right in front of the Issaquah Brew House run by Oregon-Based Rogue Brewery. 

In years past, my trusty sidekick, Colin or my husband would make the journey with me and help out a bit. One of my helpers is busy with a new job, the other decided it wasn't his cup of tea. And I'm alright with that. I've been a one-woman-show-machine for the majority of the time I've been in business and honestly, sometimes helpers get in the way. 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet total) is a pretty small space, add in tables, display cabinets, product, a chair & my lunch box and space really becomes a premium. I'm not a tiny person, not large, either, but I can be a 'bull in a china shop' sometimes. So no help unloading, parking, setting up, selling or tearing for me. There are times when having someone around to talk with when the foot traffic slows down is nice, sometimes it can be a huge distraction. I am working on being as present as possible, for my own sanity, to help my customers as much as possible, so not having distractions will be a good thing.

There are a few people I can count on seeing, even if its for a fleeting moment: a mom and her 2 teenage daughters who I've watched grow into lovely young women, a few of my ISD fans, a co-worker or two (perhaps) from my days working at a mortgage company in Bellevue, my step-aunt Suzie. Since I was not accepted to vend at a large craft show in Seattle, I hope to see a few of my customers from there, too. We will see. 

Have any of you been to Issaquah Salmon Days? Will I see you this year?

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