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I launched my 'old' company, MeMe Cosmetics, in 2006. In 2003, I earned a diploma (akin to an AA degree) in Herbal Medicine from Dominion Herbal College (Burnaby, British Columbia) and a diploma in Aromatherapy from West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy (Vancouver, British Columbia) in the same year. These degrees, along with a natural curiosity and love of science pushed me along in this journey of creating a line of handmade, natural (and now) organic bath, body, and face care products. 

Since 2006, I've had a studio in Vancouver, Washington and Battle Ground, Washington (during my transition via a divorce--that studio space has been my favorite, hands down. It was in a building less than 100' away from the studio of a friend and sculptor, James Lee Hanson. Look him up. An incredible line of work)...and now, I'm in Boise, Idaho. I came to Boise after a few visits with a long-lost love from my teenage years (its lovely how similar, mid-life circumstances can bring people back together). This, my second marriage, has allowed me to grow and change both personally and professionally more than I ever thought. Sometimes it feels like I'm a couple of years behind; a divorce after 17 years of marriage, relocating once, twice, three times before 'home' was found, getting remarried, becoming a step-mom, becoming a "real mom" (had our girl in September 2017), all the while running my business has been a blissful challenge. And, finally this year, I was able to bring my vision of my organic bath & body like to fruition. A collaborative effort between me and one of my closest girlfriends gave MeMe a new name, logo and product labels. Tireless searching for high quality, organic raw materials, hours spend reformulating my already reliable, effective natural deodorant (I sent out over 100 sample jars to 20+ customers for feedback in the summer of 2017) helped my dreams come to reality. The product line you see on this site has been in the works for over 6 years (I could show you the notes!) and is exactly what I saw in my head: a honed line of head-to-toe products, in 5 singature scent blends, able to be enjoyed on their own, or layered, one complimenting the next. 

My goal for 2018 is to be accepted into as many shows as possible, to travel through Idaho, Orgeon, and Washington (hopefully into Utah, Nevada, and Colorado) introducing as many people to MeMe Loves Idaho as I can. 2019 is the year of gift and wholesale shows. 2020...who knows? Maybe a vacation or two? 

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I bought your sample kit at a craft fair in Tieton, WA (near Yakima) probably 1 1/2 years ago. LOVED it! But had lost your flyer. I redid my office and there it was hidden in a pile of papers. I am ordering your face cream and will be trying more products. In a world where home made face/body care is common at every craft fair, yours stood out. Exceptional products. Thanks for your untiring commitment to quality. It shows.


Alive Deodorant

I almost had a panic attack not being able to find you. I love the deodorant and wanted to know when it will be back in stock? Thanks!


Deodorant back in stock

Hey Sara,
I've updated the Deodorant stock on my website. You should be able to order any scent and size you need. Bookmark!
Thanks for reaching out

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