Blemish Oil

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MeMe's Blemish Oil is a blend of powerful (antibacterial, antiseptic, antinflamitory) essential oils. When applied to pimples (when they have either come to a 'head' or are lingering just under the surface of your skin), Blemish Oil will do one of two things:

1. it will bring your blemish/pimple to a head. When this happens, extract it, clean the area & reapply Blemish Oil to the area before going to bed. The blemish will be gone by the time you wake up.

2. It will "kill" the blemish and keep it from coming to the surface at all. 

(#2 is the way it works for me--I have dry skin & it seems like a rarity when pimples come up on my skin. They like to linger for weeks on end)

(.5 ounce amber bottle)

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