Charm Body Creme

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MeMe's Body Creme is a blend of rich shea butter, sweet almond, apricot kernel & extra virgin olive oil. Smooth & creamy, it soaks into your skin easily, leaving it plesantly scented with our signature scent blends.

MeMe is now offering five new Body Creme Scents, consisting of over 95% pure essential oils. 

Our Charm scent synergy is a warming, aphrodisiac blend of patchouli, sweet orange, ylang ylang, black pepper & palmarosa. Sensual & earthy.

A detailed aromatherapetic description of our Charm essential oil synergy:


  • Patchouli: grounding
  • Sweet Orange: cheerful, radiant, harmonizes feelings, awakens creativity
  • Ylang ylang: aphrodisiac
  • Black Pepper: warming
  • Palmarosa: calming & uplifting

Charm Body Creme is a lovely moisturizing follow-up to soaking in our Charm Therapeutic Bath Salts & pairs well with our Lascivious Perfume OIl.


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