Little Roadie Gift Set

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What's a "roadie" ?

MeMe's version of a roadie is this:

a hand-dyed muslin bag filled with three little but potent products to help you smell lovely during a long summer road trip. each bag has a small deodorant, a mini-bath bomb, and a tube of MeMe's super effective lip balm. the deodorant will help you smell good between showering (who showers on a road trip...or should I ask, who showers that often on a road trip?), the bath bomb is a reward for making it to your desitnation, and the lip balm keeps your lips from becoming overly chapped due to having the windows down while shout-singing and seat-dancing to your road trip playlist. toss this sweet little bag into whatever luggage you choose (backpack? rolling suitcase? paper grocery bag?) and take off. enjoy the trip. 

MeMe's Summer is a citrus powerhouse. sweet orange, petitgrain, neroli, pink grapefruit. Our Summer deodorant and bath bomb is paired with our Summer lip balm--a crisp, citrrus flavor

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