MeMe's Perfume Oil (9 blends to choose from)

Item Description

MeMe's Perfume oils are a blend of our signature essential & fragrance oil synergies and we use jojoba oil as the carrier oil. Our Perfume Oils are long-lasting on the skin and layer beautifully with our house-made bath & body products. Our blends are packaged in  glass roll on bottles (when you finish the blend, mail it back to us & we will refill it for a discount). 

**Please note: Egyptian Musk Perfume oil has been DISCONTINUED and is no longer available**


When ordering, please let us know what scent(s) of perfume oil you would like in the comments section of your shopping cart.



(1) Autumn; herbal, woody, sweet (lavender, patchouli, vanilla)


(2) Green Tea; crisp + green. Osmanthus, yuzu & green tea.


(3) Gardenia; a classic, headdy floral. Single note.


(1) Patchouli; if you were raised by hippies (like me), this is a comforting scent. Our Patchouli is aged over 3 years prior to bottling because it becomes richer, better balanced with age. Single note.


(0) Yuzu; a strain of citrus fruits originating from east Asia. The scent is a hybrid of pink grapefruit & mandarain oranges. Single Note.


(3) Frankincense + Myrrh; an ancient combination of resins. Frankincense is a golden hue, smelling like a middle eastern version of douglas fir & white pine. Myrrh is a deep, dark brown, smelling slightly sweeter than frankinscense. We add a drop or two of vanilla absolute to calm & round out this blend.


(0) Vanilla; classic, sweet, comforting. Single note.


(2) Solstice; floral. oakmoss, carnation, corriander.

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