Sage + Juniper Smoke Wand (with selenite)

Item Description

These large smoke wands were harvested in the Owyhee Mountains in early February 2020. When the sagebrush and juniper bushes over-winter, they create strongly scented oils and sap, whcih translate into very strong medicine. The smoke from these wands will help during meditation, general energy clearning, and will help raise the vibration in your home, office, or yard.

Selenite is used for general purification during prayer and meditation. It opens your crown chakara and aids memory. 

To use: Light the end with a match and allow the flame to create embers before blowing out. Blow or fan with your hand to cleanse the air and help raise the vibratons in your space. Place in a ceramic bowl or other heat-resistant vessel. NEVER leave a buring smoke wand unattented. If you want to use the wand multiple times, allow the embers to burn out and trim the burnt ends before storing for future use. 

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