Summer Solid Perfume

Item Description


MeMe’s Solid Perfume is a portable alternative to traditional liquid perfumes. Our signature scent blends are combined with a base of beeswax, sweet almond + jojoba oils and shea butter to create a pleasurable fragrance experience. 

"Summer" is a blend of every possible essential oil incarnation from citrus trees. The leaves, green twigs, flowers, and fruit all yield their own personalities. Citrus--wether the fruit is eaten, the juice is consumed, the essential oils are inhailed, applied or bathed in, helps relieve one of "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or the 'winter blues'. The amount of sunshine and heat required to ripen citrus fruits is imparted to the essential oil, allowing us to mentally feel warm, uplifted, and comforted. 

MeMe's essential oil blend she calls "Summer" is a blend of

Sweet Orange


Pink Grapefruit

Orange Flower (Neroli)

Petitgrain (an essential oil distilled from the leaves & green twigs of citrus trees)

(coordinating products include Summer Deodorant, Body Creme, Summer Bath Bombs & Summer Lip Balm)

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