About MeMe Loves Idaho

MeMe was born in the late 1990's in the damp rainforests of Oregon. Traveling northward through the concrete jungle of Seattle, migrating further north and settling in Vancouver, British Columbia, MeMe began to grow. Taking on a diploma in Western Herbalism and Aromatherapy, MeMe's founder harvested herbs, studied essential oils, the healing properties of botanical oils and butters, experimented, took notes and honed her line. This line of handmade products has morphed and ebbed over the years to become what it is today: handmade, effective, organic body & face care. 

In 2015, a trip to Idaho changed the trajectory of MeMe. Not only was she reunited with a long lost love, she fell head over heels for the beautiful Treasure Valley, the high desert, the natural hot springs, the pine forests, the hearty yet familliar herbs of this region. 

MeMe Loves Idaho is committed to bringing you truly effective, hand crafted, all natural & organic body & face care. Inger may have changed her name and the name of her company, but her ethos remains the same.