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Hello MeMe Friends!

I cannot believe this weekend is the Summer Solstice. It feels as though the Winter Solstice (one day before my birthday in December) was like, 3 weeks ago. Oh, it will feel good to soak up a ridiculous amount of Vitamin D on Sunday....the Longest Day. Its nice living this far north on the Latitudinal scale, too...because the farther north you are, the longer the day is. I remember when I lived in Seattle and Vancouver, BC in the early/ felt like the Longest Day went on till 10:30-11:00 pm. Beautiful. I also enjoy allowing my internal clock to reset with the seasons. Seems like 5-6 hours of sleep is all I need in the Spring and Summer. Come Autumn, I start sleeping 6-7 the time the Longest Night rolls around, I'm out for close to 10 hours a night. I find myself waking up at 3-4AM to drink tea, eat, make art or watch a movie till I fall asleep again. Wow--I am really digressing.

This weekend at the market marks the return of one of my favorite seasonal scent blends: Solstice. Its crisp, herbal, and slightly floral. Grapefruit, coriander, hyacinth, freesia and a few other herbal/floral friends round out this blend beautifully. I will be in my MeMe workshop tomorrow and Friday making fresh Solstice Body Creme and Solid Perfume. If I have the time (and the labels and the packaging), I **may** make a half-batch of Solstice Deodorant just to see how it works. No promises on that, though. 

Some of you may have picked up on my FaceBook post about Soy Not Oi! 2. Its a vegan/vegetarian cookbook in its second addition with a punk-rock past. I've had and still have a lot of punk rock family in my life (I fancy myself a punk-rock herbalist, I suppose the explanation for that is worthy of another post or two) and it was a real, true honor to have a recipe that I submitted chosen for publication in that book. My punk rock community has grown since my recipe was published and I don't see that growth becoming stagnant any time soon. I have a few copies of Soy Not Oi! 2 available for purchase (buy a copy & it ships for free) on my site. Its under the "deodorant" product section since my recipe is for deodorant....

I will see you this weekend. If I don't, know that I love you....




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Inger-I will send you a check

Inger-I will send you a check for the perfume if you don't mind sending me your address via email. Thank you! Jane DeLashmutt

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